Welcome to the world of Flower Embroidery Dresses and Gowns. Discover our bespoke dresses made with high attention to every detail.


Discover Flower Embroidery Atelier and the opportunities of these dresses created just for you, with full attention to every detail, completely in the spirit of high-couture craftsmanship and uniqueness. No matter for which occasion you choose your bespoke dress, you will shine in it anyway. Be it your big wedding day, unforgettable cocktail party, splendid gala or a grand red carpet premiere. You’ll be the star.

Lay X Madora Wedding Collection

The harmonious luxury feel of each dress is created by the thoughtful focus on the delicate balance of its decor and by applying the classic haute couture principles. From a distance its look is sophisticated. Getting closer–with every other little step–they reveal a new layer of detailed elaborate embroidery. And it’s up to you which kind of dress you’ll choose. Red carpet gown, special occasion dress, evening dress, cocktail dress, wedding dress–also including the whole collection of bridesmaid dresses and your stunning midnight wedding dress. But also skirts, corsets, suits, coats and capes. All dresses are made from high quality sophisticated materials like silk, organza, velvet and others. Decorative elements are mostly made from the rich floral embroidery. Each dress is unique. Inspired by you, your personality and your body. Made for perfect fit and your goddess-like feeling. Meetings and fittings are held in our Prague atelier or at your place.

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