“She is a fashion designer specialized in delicate feminine clothing with subtle hints of seduction.”

The Designer

Lay Sedlakova
❉ 1987 Bratislava, Slovakia

Lay Sedlakova is a Slovak designer belonging to the young generation of fashion designers based in Czech Republic. Her latest project with which she decided to enrich her portfolio is called Atelier. It focuses on a couture embroidery dresses, bespoke occasion dresses, bridal, cocktail and red carpet wear. Flower Embroidery Atelier is a platform for a renaissance of craft sophistication, which has a constant value and uniqueness of clothing created for a particular client according to her lifestyle, tastes and requirements.

She is a designer with strong vision and a sense of contemporary visual communication between product and customer also in the commercial sector. She is coming with an accurate sense of fashion in contemporary society, respect for craftsmanship and high interest in science and new technologies at the department of apparel and clothing.

She applied these capabilities as a designer for Czech fashion label Pietro Filipi, where she participated on woman’s collection already during the final year of Academy. Shortly after the integration into the designers’ team, she started to design the entire jewelry collection. Jewelry, since that time became part of her portfolio and she has been designing jewelry and bijoux for Pietro Filipi seasonally as an external designer.

During the last years of Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, she got the opportunity to present her very well rated collections like a “Whatta Luscious” or “The Moment of Weakness and The Moment of Strength” at the Prague Fashion Weeks and capitalize on her experiences from internship abroad. She completed an internship at École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris and work internships at the prestigious brands Maxime Simoens and Yiqing Yin on their Haute Couture collections.

Lay is a complex personality with intense attention to details. Her visual language is visible in any kind of her creation. This also applies to graphic design, which is an integral part of her interest. Fashion design also gives her space for photography and creation of an own fashion brand identity. In her free time, she enjoys fashion illustrations and design of book booklets for commercial use.